Treasure Coast Flight Training Professional Pilot Program – India Page

DGCA India Professional Pilot Program

Thank you for your interest in Treasure Coast Flight Training. We have many students from India so you will feel right at home training here with us.

As a student at Treasure Coast Flight Training you will receive the finest pilot education in the world. We would like to congratulate you on your pursuit for excellence.

Training at TCFT is known to be among the best in the world and the skills you learn here with us will stay with you throughout your career as a professional pilot.

TCFT offers a state of the art facility with simulators, digital scheduling, classrooms, testing center, kitchen, student lobby, study areas, and a 8500 square foot maintenance hangar.

Treasure Coast Flight Training offers the largest fleet of aircraft in the area consisting of Cessna 152s, Cessna 172s, Cessna 172s with G1000, Piper Archers, Piper Arrows, Beech Duchess’, and Piper Senecas.  All of our aircraft panels are set up the exact same way so that if a plane is not available due to an inspection, you can move to another aircraft and not be delayed.  Because of this large fleet of aircraft and flight instructors, you should have no problem flying each and every day if you want. No delays means faster training and less money.

Treasure Coast Flight Training is committed to serving all of your aviation needs as a full service flight academy, aircraft rental facility, CATS Testing Center, and pilot shop.

We understand that this may be your first trip to the United States. That is why from the moment you start the enrollment process to the moment you graduate, we work hard to make sure this entire experience is enjoyable and rewarding for you.

Our impeccably maintained diverse fleet of Cessna 152’s, Cessna 172M’s Cessna 172N’s, Cessna 172R’s, Cessna 172R/S’s Cessna 172S’s, Cessna 172SP’s with G1000, Piper Archer III’s, Piper Arrow III’s, Seneca I’s, and Beech Duchess’ are perfect for any rating and budget.

All Treasure Coast Flight Training courses follow the proven curriculum of the Cessna Pilot Pilot Center Training System and Jeppesen Flight Training. TCFT uses their step by step syllabus which is designed to meet all FAA and DGCA requirements. Each TCFT flight instructor has been trained to the highest standards and has accrued an incredible amount hours of one on one instruction. When choosing TCFT, rest assured that you will receive the finest training possible and be given the opportunity to earn your ratings in the least amount of time and money possible.

At TCFT you will receive:

Any and all ratings for far less than you can obtain anywhere else

Diverse fleet for all your flight training and aircraft rental needs

Impeccably Maintained Aircraft

Highly Trained Flight Instructors

Accelerated Training Courses

State Of The Art Training Facility

Students Housing

Pilot Shop

CATS Testing Center

Beautiful Year Round Weather

Conveniently located between Orlando and Miami

Fun environment

225 Hour DGCA Commercial Multi Engine Program / 25 Hours Multi Engine

Enrollment Requirments:
Age: Must be at least 17 years of age
Pilot License: FAA Student Pilot Certificate
Medical: At least FAA 3rd Class
Language: You must be able to speak, read and understand the English language.
Meet FAA AC60-28.
Non-US Citizen TSA Clearance for Private, Instrument & Multi Engine
International Students: Student Visa/ Form I-20

Flight Training

TSA: $20

TSA Fees For Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine: $390

FAA Medical: $100

Private Pilot

35 hours of flight time in a Cessna 152 – $3858

(Cessna 172s And Piper Archer IIIs Also Available But May Change Price Slightly)

35 Hours Of Instructor Time – $1925

10 Hours Of Ground School Time – $550

Course Books And Materials – $359.00

FAA Written Exam -$150

FAA Checkride – $500

Quoted Amount – $7342

Instrument Rating

35 Hours Of Flight Time In a Cessna 152 – $4042.50

(Cessna 172s And Piper Archer IIIs Also Available But May Change Price Slightly)

35 Hours Of Instructor Time – $1925

10 Hours Of Ground School Time – $550

Course Materials – $359

FAA Written Exam – $150

FAA Checkride – $500

Quoted Amount – $7526

Time Building

120 hours of flight time in a Cessna 152 to build time – Time sharing price is – $6,600

Single Engine Commercial Rating

10 hours of flight time in a Piper Arrow – $1570

10 Hours Of Instructor Time – $550

Course Materials – $359

FAA Written Exam – $150

FAA Checkride – $500

Quoted Amount – $3129.00

Multi Engine/ Commercial/ Instrument Rating

25 Hours Of Multi Time In A Piper Seneca – $7218

25 Hours Of Instructor Time – $1625

FAA Checkride – $500

Quoted Amount – $9343.00

Total Program Fees – 225 DGCA Hour India Program – $34,450

Student housing available for $500 per month. This rate includes all utilities, wifi internet, cable tv, etc. and many apartments include pools and a gym. Flight hours in this package are based on FAA minimums Additional hours may be required and will be charged at normal rates.

Aircraft listed in this package can be substituted for others but may change the price that is listed above. For a detailed quote with specific aircraft, please email us at

For questions about the program or instructions on how to enroll, please email us at

We look forward to flying with you at TCFT!