225 Hour DGCA Commercial Multi Engine Program / 25 Hours Multi Engine

Enrollment Requirments:
Age: Must be at least 17 years of age
Pilot License: FAA Student Pilot Certificate
Medical: At least FAA 3rd Class
Language: You must be able to speak, read and understand the English language.
Meet FAA AC60-28.
Non-US Citizen TSA Clearance for Private, Instrument & Multi Engine
International Students: Student Visa/ Form I-20

For questions and information concerning the TCFT Indian TCFT program, please contact:

India office
Adventure Flight Education Pvt Ltd.
1/424 UG1 Vaishali Ghaziabad (UP)201010 Delhi NCR
Web- www.flyafe.com
Email- india@fl-flight.com
Contact- +91-9999228599, +91-1204571989