International Students

Recruiting Students From Every Country To Make The Very Best Pilots!

Thank you for your interest in Treasure Coast Flight Training, one of the nations top flight training academies – located in beautiful Stuart, Florida USA.

We have students from all over the world so you will feel right at home flying with us.  We are voted one of the top flight schools in the country for our training programs, our graduation pass rate, and the overall student experience. Treasure Coast Flight Training is one of the few flight schools in Florida approved to assist with visa’s for foreign flight students.

Our mission is to help you become a professional pilot!

Students come to Treasure Coast Flight Training from all around the world for the best possible training and overall great experience. We understand that this may be your first visit to the United States. That’s why from the moment you enroll to the moment you graduate, we will make sure that your entire stay here is comfortable and enjoyable.

Our International Student Services Department will work with you throughout the entire process.  We provide all the guidance you will need and will assist you in getting your visa, your TSA clearance, preparing for your stay in the USA, transportation from the airport to the school, and help getting settled and comfortable.

We work hard to make sure that every student has an enjoyable stay and we are the only school in the country that allows our students to time share anywhere in the United States. That will give you the opportunity to not only see other parts of the country, but it will also give you real world experience of traveling longer distances in an aircraft.  Here is a video that a few of our Brazilian student filmed while time sharing to Washington DC

No car – no problem.  Our TCFT shuttle will take you anywhere you need to go.  Market, shopping, beaches, restaurants, nightlife, banks, and so much more are just moments away.  If interested, we can help you get your drivers license and purchase an affordable car.  With our student services department always ready to help, you will never have a problem getting where you want to go.

Our instructors specialize in accelerated training for international students so that we can get you all the ratings you desire in the least amount of time (and money) possible.

When you are finished, you will have been trained to the highest standards possible and ready for the real world environment that comes from being a professional pilot. Every student that completes our program is given a recommendation and we do everything we can to help our graduates get the job they want!

Stuart offers the very best training setting in the country and its located directly between Orlando and Miami. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and city life, they can spend your weekends at the theme parks, the shopping and night life of Miami, and everything else in between.  We do offer student housing that is very nice and comformable and offers all of the ammentities that you want. Most even have pools and a gym. The cost of the student housing is $500 per month for a shared room or $900 for your own room. 

Graduates from our Professional Pilot Program are currently working globally in every facet of the airline and corporate industry and you can too! For the best possible training thousands less than what others charge, contact us today at Treasure Coast Flight Training and we will be happy to show you how easy it is to get started on your career!

Once you are ready to enroll, please complete the online application for enrollment.  In addition, we will also need a copy of your passport emailed to us at in order to complete the visa application and student enrollment. 

Enrollment Requirements – International Students


Federal Aviation Regulations require that an applicant for U.S. ratings and certificates must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Read, write, speak and understand the English language.
  2. Must meet the minimum age requirements per certificate. (Private Pilot requirement is 16 years; all other certificates are 18 years with the exception of the ATP, which is 23 years).
  3. Must obtain the appropriate U.S. Medical Certificate. Arrangements can be made for your FAA Medical by Treasure Coast Flight Training, after your arrival.
  4. Comply with all U.S. flight and ground school training requirements to obtain certificates and ratings desired. Please contact us at and we will email you an application for admission.